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Learning Outdoors - Seaside Theme

This workshop will explore the wildlife you will be able to see at the UK seaside and give you some skills and information needed to support your child's early learning and development. The workshop will also give you some fun activities based on a seaside theme you can do with...(Read more - Learning Outdoors - Seaside Theme)

Thu, Jul 28, 2022 to Thu, Jul 28 2022
9:00 AM to 11:00 AM (2 hours) at Farnley Childrens Centre
Provided by Leeds City Council

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National Safeguarding Week June '22

Being safe is important, we all need to take time to recognise when things aren’t right, including taking time for our own needs. This week is National Safeguarding week; as part of that, we would like to encourage you to take time to think about how you look after the whole of you; physically, emotionally and mentally

If you have a concern about yourself or someone you know, or to find out about the support available go to:

Leeds Safeguarding Adults website.

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Returning to Face to Face Learning

In line with the Government roadmap, we are now able to offer face to face learning in addition to our online provision. As part of our commitment to keep everyone safe and to comply with current Covid guidance, you will need to undertake a Covid test before accessing any building for the purposes of learning as well as wearing face coverings, observing social distancing and any other necessary safety measures.

Our learning providers will be able to provide you with testing packs and guidance on what to do.

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