GCWEA Driving and the Highway Code for ESOL Students

This course is geared towards helping ESOL learners with their reading skills as well as key vocabulary used in the Highway Code. These are the rules you must know to drive in the UK. This course is only for students living in Leeds. Are you a student with English as a second language? Are you interested in learning to drive in the UK, either for work or for the freedom that driving gives you? If English is your second language and this makes understanding and learning the rules of the road difficult for you, then this course is for you. On it you will learn about the rules of driving in the UK, some key vocabulary and learn what different signs and symbols mean.

This course starts on Mon, Feb 22, 2021 and ends on Mon, Apr 05 2021
The start time is 09:00 AM and the finish time is 11:00 AM (2 hours)

Online: Google Classroom Online Course

This course is provided by WEA

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Who is it for?

ESOL Students in the Leeds area only.
Often courses are open to everyone, so please contact the course provider to ask.

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