Wardrobe Revival

Course Aims - What you will learn This course aims to develop and improve your confidence with sewing through the upcycling of old clothes and fabrics into new garments. It is aimed at those who already have some sewing skills. This fun, innovative, budget conscious and creative upcycling fashion course enables you to bring to life a pre-loved garment or textile into a new and wearable fashion item. Upcycling clothes is one way in which we can do our bit for sustainability. You will also have the opportunity to learn a variety of sewing skills whether by hand or machine to bring to life your upcycling ideas. This course is for anyone who wishes to improve their well being by learning a new skill in a supportive and friendly environment. You will be taught how to setup and use a sewing machine as well as a variety of upcycling fashion ideas and methods such as patch-working, applique and garment alteration. You will develop confidence in deconstructing and rebuilding garments as well embellishing them through decorative finishing techniques like embroidery. Throughout the course you will develop confidence in your own creative processes and building on your sewing skills. Our intention with this course is to provide a safe, supported opportunity for those with an interest in fashion or upcycling to develop their confidence through a variety of projects that will encourage them to revive old clothes into something new. By expressing creativity, we aim to improve our student's mental health and wellbeing. How you will be taught, and your understanding checked Your tutor will work with you to understand your comfort level at the start of the course and helping agree a learning plan for you to get the most out of this course. In class, your lessons will be delivered through a mix of whole class teaching, technique demonstrations to keep the inspiration flowing, individual projects whereby you will upcycle your own clothes into refreshed and trendy garments, and open discussions to encourage the sharing of ideas and communication: all supported by your tutor. Students will develop their confidence in sewing and embellishing techniques. Your tutor will encourage you to develop your confidence in creativity through a range of situations and provide feedback to ensure you are getting the most from the course. Progression - What you will be able to do next Following the successful completion of this course, we intend for each student to be able to maintain their improved sense of self-confidence and wellbeing and encourage them to further pursue their own creativity in upcycling. Students could enrol onto another of our sewing courses next term, such as 'Pattern Cutting' or 'Dressmaking' whereby they will learn how to make garments from scratch, to broaden their skillset. Students could also enrol on other arts and crafts courses at Swarthmore to continue developing their confidence and improving their wellbeing through learning new skills, artistic mediums and socially engaging with other likeminded students.

This course starts on Wed, Feb 21, 2024 and ends on Wed, Mar 27 2024
The start time is 09:30 AM and the finish time is 12:30 PM (3 hours)

At: Swarthmore Centre
Woodhouse Square

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This course is provided by Swarthmore
Telephone Swarthmore on 0113 2432210
Email Swarthmore: info@swarthmore.org.uk

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Who is it for?

Adults aged 19+.
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