Basic Digital Skills T2

This course is for learners who want to learn and develop thei r digital skills. Learners will learn how to use devices and handle information, create and edit documents, communicate , set up accounts and understand how to keep themselves safe online.

This course starts on Thu, Mar 03, 2022 and ends on Thu, Apr 07 2022
The start time is 12:30 PM and the finish time is 03:00 PM (3 hours)

At: Compton Centre
322 Harehills Lane

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This course is provided by City of Leeds YMCA
Telephone City of Leeds YMCA on 0113 2612484
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Who is it for?

Unemployed people living near Harehills who want to develop their digital skils.
Often courses are open to everyone, so please contact the course provider to ask.

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