English to Be More Confident: Be More Yourself

This course aims to help you be more confident and assertive in your personal and professional life (working or volunteering). The overall impact we hope to achieve is that you will feel and be more positive, determined and resilient leading to great happiness and success. A pre-course questionnaire will guide the course content to suit the group and includes: \'b7 How to say 'NO' that others hear and accept \'b7 Identify and focus on your strengths \'b7 Identify your barriers \'b7 Practical tools to be more assertive \'b7 Resolving conflict \'b7 Understanding your Comfort Zone \'b7 How to use and develop your motivation \'b7 How to deal with nerves \'b7 Be an active listener but help others listen you YOU.

This course starts on Wed, Oct 06, 2021 and ends on Wed, Dec 15 2021
The start time is 10:00 AM and the finish time is 02:30 PM (5 hours)

At: Nari Ekta Ltd
Fairfax House
Merrion Street

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This course is provided by Nari Ekta Ltd
Telephone Nari Ekta Ltd on 0113 2434023
Email Nari Ekta Ltd: info@nariekta.org.uk

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Who is it for?

BME Women age 19+ including women with English as second language.
Often courses are open to everyone, so please contact the course provider to ask.

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